Empowering Visually Impaired People

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Empowering Visually Impaired People (EVIP) Through ICT Training

A Project of Sammilon Foundation

Empowering Visually Impaired People (EVIP) is a project of Sammilon Foundation aims at empower the visually impaired people throw ICT training. In Bangladesh more than 2 million People are visually impaired. visually disabled people are dependent upon their families and are considered a burden on society by their communities. To address the harassment and humiliation that people face, EVIP in the banner of Sammilon Foundation works to empower the disabled community and uplift its


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The mission of EVIP is to empower the people with disabilities by ICT training in income generation, leadership development and education


In the long EVIP will try to improve the condition of blind community by digitalising them.

Our work

EVIP trainers know that teaching vision impaired is not the same as teaching a sighted person. They know that “touch and hearing” are the means for acquisition of knowledge for the vision impaired student. Some principles followed by EVIP have become classic:

The teacher addresses the student each and every time by name especially when there are others in the vicinity. Otherwise, the student may not know that he or she is being addressed. Where as in normal pedagogy the student is usually shown a thing physically or in a picture form and given a mental capture, for vision impaired, mental capture is more important but more difficult. The teacher helps create it by creating a opportunities for tactile and sound.
Our services

Basic computer training & mobility training for the blind persons. Motivation and counseling support service to the Persons with disabilities and their parents. Empowering and strengthening self help group initiatives. Braille production and resource center. Anroid mobile orientation traning


The Secret of Success

Khandaker Razib Ahmed Coordinator Sammilon Foundation (EVIP Project) Cell #: +8801671991199

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Don’t define yourself by others’ success

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Embrace failure

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Our Team


Khandaker Razib Ahmed Coordinator Sammilon

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Assistent Coordinator

Shahriar Kabir Assistent Coordinator Sammilon Foundation (EVIP Project) Cell #: +8801676936213

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Sammilon Foundation Empowering Visually Impaired People through ICT Training Address: Rabeya Commercial Complex, 33/Kha (5th Floor) Section-6, Mirpur Circle-10, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. Phone #: +880258050317 Cell #: +8801789793333 Email- evip.sammilon@gmail.com web: www.evip.org.bd Facebook Page: wwww.facebook.com/pg/evip.sammilon/